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  • 1. Coir

    Rubberised Coir mattresses are a combination of coconut fiber and natural rubber. It creates a sheet that provides natural comfort, firm support.

    Advantages :-

    It has natural springy quality coir which makes it very supportive.

    Coir being a natural product is Flame Retardant.

    Coir Mattresses

    • Alpha Dlx Air
    • Orthobond
    • Shagun

  • 2. Foam

    Foam due to its lower pricing is widely used in the furniture industry. There are different Foam which are PU, Memory, Latex, etc.

    Advantages :-

    PU foam mattresses offer good value for money, considering its durability vs. price.


    Foam Mattresses

    • Duet Air
    • Duet Luxury
    • My Mattress Series[12+ Mattress]
    • Comfortec
    • Impression Regal
    • Ultra

  • 3. Spring

    World over, spring mattresses are in vogue. People prefer spring mattresses at home for many reasons including its therapeutic properties.


    Advantages :-

    It create the least amount of low back muscle strain while lying in the supine and side position.


    Spring Mattresses

  • 4. Orthopedic

    Orthopaedic mattress is a type of mattress specifically designed to support the overall muscular skeletal body.

    It's created to combat the problems one might experience with a bad back or joints by providing a firm mattress which offers targeted, tailored support.


    Advantages :-

    Good for Spine Problem.


    Orthopedic Mattresses

    • Spinetech Air
    • Spinetech Air Luxury
    • Spine Bond

  • 5. Premium

    Sleepwell Company provide Exclusive Premium Mattress to their selected dealer which mattress are very best in quality & give Luxury Feeling.


    Advantages :-

    Best in quality.


    Premium Mattress

    • Elegance
    • Comfort Series
    • Emporio
    • Pacific Royale
    • Nexa

  • 6. Accessories

    Mattress Accessories give the mattress a Rich look & increase the life of it by protecting from Dust, Water, etc.
    Like a good Headboard Design gives your Mattress a Sophisticated look. Mattress Protector protect the mattress.

    Advantages :-
    - Give Rich & Sophisticated Look.
    - Increase the life of Mattress.


    Mattress Accessories

    • Bed Headboard
    • Pillows
    • Bedsheet
    • Mattress Protector
    • Mattress Comforter

Sleepwell Exchange Offer - Expired Now

  • The Sleepwell Exchange Offer starts from 27th July 2018 and end on 7th Oct 2018.
  • The Exchange Offer is applicable on purchase of New Sleepwell mattresses only.
  • On the Exchange of an Old Mattress and purchase of a New Sleepwell Mattress, the customer will get a Guaranteed Cash Reward AND a Chance to Win a Prize.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged, upgraded, en-cashed, transferred or returned.

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We are Exclusive Sleepwell Gallery in western region of Mumbai where you can buy any Sleepwell product without any confusion in terms of Product Quality & Warranty.

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