Why Sleepwell ProSofa Cushioning

Sleepwell recently launches ProSofa Foam especially made for Sofa Cushioning which is in Best Quality and resoanable in price.

Extend the life of your furniture with ProSofa inside. Old, or low quality cushioning can ruin your furniture. Learn how Sleepwell ProSofa cushioning is better than, when compared to local cushioning solutions.

Sleepwell ProSofa Unbranded Cushioning
Because Sleepwell Inside™ range of cushioning products surges ahead of unbranded furniture cushioning on many fronts. The right cushioning is not only comfortable. It adds years to the life of your furniture. The cushioning on local furniture is poor in quality and full of harmful chemicals, causing it to sag much faster. it also attracts germs and allergens.
Supreme Business Ethics Brand commitment for efficient customer services. Dedicated customer helpline. Ambiguous commitment and Processes.No customer services.
Product Hygiene Germ protection with Neem fresche©* for protection as multiple users sit and sleep. No certified treatment.
Product Warranty Assured Superficial
Customer Trust & after Sales service Brand commitment to efficient customer service. Dedicated customer service line. Commitment and ambiguous processes. No customer service.
Cushioning Guidance New furniture with Sleepwell Inside ™. Sleep well Saathi. Design catalog and sofa cushions. No genuine guidance.