Why Sleepwell Sofa Cushioning

Buying new or padded furniture is more than superficial. The fabric may be new, but only the Sleepwell Inside ™ brand assures you that the proper foam is placed underneath. Its precise properties, high quality and durability are what counts.

Cushioning is both look and feel :- Proper Cushioning gives your furniture the best shape and comfort along with style and durability. We bring proven, high quality Cushioning material with allergy protection.

Sleepwell Cushioning Unbranded Cushioning
Supreme Business Ethics Brand promise and transparency by offering genuine products. No transparency
Product Quality High quality, tested and guaranteed world standard damping product. Inconsistent cushioning quality.
Product Warranty Assured Superficial
Customer Trust & after Sales service Brand commitment to efficient customer service. Dedicated customer service line. Commitment and ambiguous processes. No customer service.
Cushioning Guidance New furniture with Sleepwell Inside ™. Sleep well Saathi. Design catalog and sofa cushions. No genuine guidance.